Huffington Post: Documentary Series

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In 2018 I was assistant producer and second camera operator on Huffington Post’s Documentary series This New World, which explored challenges currently facing the US, from rising sea level in Miami to homelessness in Hawaii.

Tasks included researching stories, producing shoots and logging footage. Episode one of series two can be viewed here, which looks at the housing crisis in Detroit.

Huffington Post: This New World

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This New World is a docu-series created by Huffington Post, which considers the variety of urgent challenges that face our planet- from rising sea levels to homelessness- and how communities around the world are tackling them.  On this series I was second camera operator and assistant producer.

Episode one of series two can be viewed here, which looks at the housing crisis in Detroit.

BBC Get Creative: Digital Painting

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In 2014 I was employed by the BBC to deliver workshops on their ‘Get Creative’ campaign. My role on this project, in collaboration with FACT, was to create and deliver a series of digital art classes using free software on iPads.

A full description of the collaboration can be found below.

Nokia: Connecters

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Nokia Connectors was a PR project aimed at ‘connecting’ the Nokia brand to consumers. Connecters were expected to assist promotional campaigns at regional level, provide media coverage of activities using company products and generally spread the good word of Nokia around their university and city.

Working for Nokia ignited my interest in marketing and creating media content for a commercial purpose. This video was made with an X6 handset for a competition to become an A-list celebrity reporter.

FACT: The Electric Blanket

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The Electric Blanket project aimed to teach elderly citizens computer skills through creative activity. A six month-long programme funded by YOUR housing, my job was to visit sheltered housing schemes across the North of England- on a weekly basis with ten iPads- and teach participants how to use a tablet computer.

Working alongside art collective Re-Dock, group members then used their new skills to create digital art, which was exhibited at FACT.

The Urban Goals Project

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Urban Goals is a photography project undertaken by Michael Kirkham, who for the last two years has snapped street football frames across the UK. From Newcastle to London, Kirkham has trawled Britain’s inner cities in search of goals painted on the side of houses, shops- anywhere with the capacity, pretty much.

I’ve written the book’s introduction, which also features on the website homepage.

Evergreen Exchange: #HereInBrooklyn

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To underline the importance of manufacturing jobs in Brooklyn, Evergreen Business Exchange wanted to create a digital campaign spanning various social media platforms.

I was asked to create a social media strategy encompassing video, photography and literature. The result was #HereInBrooklyn, which aimed to capture the essence of New York manufacturing and highlight the importance of retaining blue collar jobs in North Brooklyn.



Knowledge Lives Everywhere

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FACT exhibition ‘Knowledge Lives Everywhere’ placed people at its centre.  As part of the show, I undertook a ten week art residency that involved collating stories of the general public. During daily workshops, the public were asked to come along with items and share anecdotes pertaining to a weekly theme (love, war, work etc), which were recorded. 

Audio, photographs and video was then edited to create a series of ‘Digital Stories’, which became part of a growing archive displayed in the exhibition.